1) I confess, that while I hope to offer a wealth of resources for those struggling, that I am still in the throes of my own struggles for my own well-being. I am not claiming to have all the answers or have conquered this battle. My aim here is to let others know they are not alone and to offer whatever support I can as a means of giving back to those who have given to me.

2) I confess that I struggle with self-injury, eating disorder tendencies, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder with agoraphobia, and post traumatic stress disorder.

3) I confess that I need help for myself; I cannot win this battle alone, and that I will continue to reach out and seek treatment for myself while offering encouragement and hope for others as I am able to do so.

4) I confess that I compile resources offline, and do research to ensure the quality of said resources, but that I cannot possibly use them all. I have indicated the ones I have used and found helpful.

5) I confess that I am a survivor in the process of healing; it is not an overnight event, a yearlong episode, or a decade milestone; it is a process of continuing to move forward above and beyond the shame of my past and the effects of the present.